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Happy 22nd Monthsary Baby! I love you so much!

Happy 22nd Monthsary Baby! I love you so much!


FEU-NRMF: The Truth Behind the Lies


This was written by a colleague Ac Acuna. I want to share it because I believe that our Alma matter’s reputation has to be redeemed. It is but inevitable for most people to believe what’s shown in the news. We have been exposed to that kind of culture. We’ve always believed that those people who have the power or those who have the title are the villains and the poor are always the ones exploited or naapi. We grew up that way. The teleseryes on TV are always like that. But what if it’s the other way around?

Two days ago a malicious headline accused FEU-NRMF of malpractice. The headline that shocked most people claimed “gunting, injection at ilan pang instrumento naiwan sa katawan ng isang lalaki”… to most people who do not have any inclination to medicine and to its practice it clearly sounds as if there was negligence of some sort. It troubled me deeply to know that my alma mater is the very center of this issue. But never did I doubt in the knowledge and capability of my colleagues and our medical staff, I knew there was some reason behind this careless journalism.

I was not present when it all happened but a colleague who was there told me all she knew. And I just can’t sleep without sharing “our side” of the story to everyone. Because that malicious headline has blown up into a big story that has evolved so much, tainting the good name of my alma mater and creating an unfair stigma to FEU-NRMF doctors and staff.

The said man was rushed in our ER in a very critical condition due to gunshot wound/s (am not really sure how many). He was directed to the operating room for exlap. I prefer to write in lay man terms as most may be overwhelmed by medical jargon and for better understanding of the matter.

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Just the way you are - Bruno Mars (Jay Tizon Cover)

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Josh Groban - Broken Vow (Cover by Jay Tizon)

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Separation, June 22, 2010

It’s been a sad day, sad indeed.

A couple of days ago, which seemed like years for me, Jov and I decided that I will be sleeping over to their house one day before their departure on June 22 and I will be joining her family to escort them to the airport. We spent each day together, cherishing the moments left. The thought of this made my brain produce more wrinkles and made my heart ache.

Ever since we came upon the decision to continue with this relationship, -despite the fact that she will leave soon- this day, the day of their departure is one distressing date. It so happen that whenever you dread for something, time goes faster. It seems like it runs twice as fast, like an hour glass whose sand was turned into water. Every day seemed like an hour, an hour seemed like a minute and a minute seemed like a beat of a heart. We spent each moment together, making memories and not wasting any instances. Thinking that time would not catch up.

But time failed us. It reached us as fast as a lightning and haste as a bullet.

June 21, 2010 came.

We spent half of the day together (because unfortunately, we have our orientation in the morning). We went to her house and I noticed that they are almost good to go. They are already finished packing a couple of boxes for their flight the next day. As the night approaches, Jov felt very ill so she decided to take a nap, which led into a deep sleep. I can’t do anything about it because, it is already my fault - I have a runny nose and I accidentally transmitted viruses by kissing her. – So she slept through the night. I’ve decided to watch her sleep.

She looked beautiful and peaceful. I felt that I am looking directly into the bright alluring aura of Elysium (A mythical place in the Greek Mythology), a beautiful paradise in the Underworld where people would spend their lifetime happy and peaceful. It felt that I had no problem looking at her forever. I would never get weary of this astonishing sight. While admiring her beauty, I realized that I can’t be in full command of my mind. It started working on its own. And suddenly it began to think of the things that will happen the day after tomorrow, the day after their departure.

I stared and touch her alluring face for hours, my mind clouding itself with distressing thoughts. I decided to place her head on my chest and put my arms around her. Luckily, she’s a heavy sleeper, so she didn’t mind and just went back to her slumber. I didn’t notice a tear falling from the tips of my eyes. Like what leaves do in a rainy morning; sad and gloomy. Then all of a sudden, it started to rain tears. Droplets of them are hurling from eyes. It’s already June 22. This is the day that I’ve been dreading for months, the day of their departure. Droplets… more droplets…. I can’t control it anymore. It burst. I cried

She started to stir. She noticed that her forehead was wet. At first, she thought that it was only sweat because the temperature that night is quite hot. Then she realized that it’s not perspiration, It was tears; Tears from the person embracing her.

It was four in the morning when she woke up. She asked the reason why was I crying. I told her. She told me that, I should not let myself think of sad thoughts and it would only lead you into sadness and depression. I realized that this is quite right. So I decided to stop it. And stay away from those kind of thoughts.

After our conversation stopped, she took her meds and went back to bed.

This time, we both went into deep slumber.

I woke up with a start at nine in the morning. I realized that I fell asleep (which was not part of my plan) for four hours. She and her mom went to a salon to get themselves fixed. After the session at the salon, Jov looked very enthralling. She’s beautiful. Even without her usual make-up. I actually find her more pretty without wearing make-ups; I think her natural beauty is enough. After that we went to her house and started to pack the remaining things in their luggage for their departure.

I’ve been very anxious. I spent most of the remaining hours in their house holding her while frequently glancing at the clock. It was almost four in the afternoon when all are good to go. Not me of course. But I don’t have a choice. I want to escort Jov into the airport. And I will.

We found ourselves inside her father’s car. She’s sitting beside me in the middle while at the back seat, her high school friends chatter endlessly. I felt uneasy, time is running so fast. I only have a couple of hours before Jov takes off to Arizona. I held her hands tight. I recurrently looked her in the eye and said those three words. We arrived at the airport about half past five. Here it is. The time has come.

We went to the international terminal. Jov and her family immediately went to the entrance to check in. A tear fell from my eye. It’s time. The day that I never believe to come, has arrived. The thing, that I think that will never happen, will happen.

When they came back, it was almost seven. They mentioned that they need to get inside at half past eight. So I have what? One and a half hour to brace myself. We went to the parking lot to have a little supper with their family. After that, we went into the diner at the airport to burn the time. I spend the moment holding her hands tight, kissing, hugging and looking her in the eyes. Whenever I hold her hands, I feel that I’m holding my life. Whenever I kiss her, I know that I’m securing my life with her. Whenever I hug her, I feel every muscle in my body relaxes, I feel that everything is fine. Whenever I looked into her eyes, I see myself; I see the love we share. I see how much we love each other. I see my past, my present and my future.

I have always reminded her of my promise that my love would never change. Well, it’s partly wrong because my love for her will change. It will grow. It will solidify. Because I believe that absence makes thy heart grows fonder.

This is a test.

We went to the entrance of the terminal. She started to say goodbye to her friends and I started to say goodbye to her family. I intentionally did that because I want to be her last hug and kiss. When her time is up, I walked with her into the entrance and hugged her tight. I hugged my world, my life. I kissed her, saying that how much I love her. A tear fell from my eye as she let go and went for the entrance.

When her dad went out. He tapped me on my shoulders and said, “Mahal na mahal ka daw niya” (She loves you so much). My voiced cracked as I say, “Mahal na mahal ko din po siya, mahal na mahal” (I love her too so much. So much…).

I burst into tears.

There is one word that can explain the things that has just happened: pain. It struck me hard, solid as a marble, rigid as a diamond. I felt pain when I hugged her for the last time in a year or two. I felt pain when I kissed her and thinking that there will be no more kisses tomorrow. There will be no more hugs and kisses for the next day, for the day after tomorrow and the day after that. I felt pain, waving at her in the window, giving her flying kisses. I felt pain, saying I love you and pointing into my ring to let her know that I will hold on to her promise and she must hold on to mine. I felt pain. (Not the pain you experience when you break up with someone, this pain, is caused by distance. Being away from the love of your life. If feels like a hard punch in the gut whenever I realize that I’m worlds away from her.)

I cried the whole way home, until now while typing this blog. A tear falls from my eye every now and then. I don’t know what God’s plan is. But I do know that someday, all our pain will be worth it. I never think twice when saying ‘yes’ whenever someone query me about continuing our relationship. I never doubted my decision in saying ‘yes’ when she asked me if I really want this relationship. I know from the start that she’s worth the pain. I never loved any person like this before. I know that our love is enough. And if we work together and with God’s help and guidance, we will get through this. This is only his test. He has a plan. He always has a plan. And he will never put us in this situation when He thinks that we can’t get through this.

Distance would only make our love twice as strong. I believe it.


Harry Potter and the American Culture.


THAT is a real course that you can take at the Arizona State University. It’s basically about how Harry Potter has influenced the American Culture. I heard about it from Vince, my co-employee at Target, who is an HP fan, and is also currently taking the above stated subject. He gets to read the books and it passes off as school work! How cool is that? I want to freakin’ study this, too! Haha!

Bebe, meron pa atang “Impossible Passions: Vampires in Fiction” Hahahah. Amp.


There is no long distance about love, it always finds a way to bring hearts together no matter how many miles there are between them. :)


There is no long distance about love, it always finds a way to bring hearts together no matter how many miles there are between them. :)

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Christmas Wishlist

1. Jovlyn Louise Torres

2. Netbook

3. BlackBerry Torch 9800 or BlackBerry Bold 9780

4. Ipod Touch

5. Any of these Headphone / earphones or these or any decent ones

6. Gibson Les Paul

7. White BlackBerry Bold 9000 Casing

8. Wallet

9. Backpack

10. Stethoscope

LOL! :))